I Have Students In Holland, Italy, France, Germany, Australia, The US

Many people have an uninformed concept of the importance of the TOEFL IBT. I have heard many people say that the TOEFL IBT is for only students wishing to go to the US or Canada. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, more than 90% of all Masters Programs offered World-Wide are taught in English. Why? Well, this is because Universities are in a very competitive battle to be known as “Internationally Diversified” Universities. Every University in the world is trying to “recruit” the best of the best students.

As a result of this fierce competition over students, Universities must teach their Masters Programs in English because it is the “Universal” language. These Universities have chosen to use the TOEFL as their method to evaluate the English level of their perspective students because it is the “one” exam that tests a student’s ability to write at an academic level sufficiently enough to write “publishable” academic research papers for Internationally recognized professional journals.

The TOEFL IBT is the most widely accpted exam in the WORLD. IT IS NOT FOR ONLY THE US, CANADA, OR THE UK.

My students have studied the TOEFL IBT to study in HOLLAND, SPAIN, FRANCE, KOREA, ITALY, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA, BRAZIL, CANADA, THE US, AND THE UK, Even in PERU some Universities require the TOEFL to comply with the Language requirement for a Bachelor’s Degree.

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