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What My Students Say

Teacher Stephen is an excellent teacher and person. He prepared me to come to study my master in the United States. He gave me all the necessary material for that. I appreciate him very much because he helped me to improve my English and he taught me that you have to strive to achieve your goals. Mister TOEFL 100% recommended. 🙂
Heidy Valverde Rodriguez
August 17, 2020
Now I'm bilingual, and living my dream in France. Thanks to Mr TOEFL Stephanie Cardenas
Stephanie Cardenas
August 17, 2020
Great place to study English with the best teacher ever 🙂 I completely recommend it if you want to pass the TOEFL exam with a high score 😉 Maritza Valdivia
Maritza Valdivia
August 17, 2020
If you want to take the TOEFL and you need preparation, you must go to him. The best teacher ever!!! Soany M. Alanoca Coaquira
Soany M. Alanoca Coaquira
August 17, 2020
The best teacher ever , completely recommended!!!! Claudia Rebeca Arevalo Nieto
Claudia Rebeca Arevalo Nieto
August 17, 2020
Undoubtedly, Mr. Stephen is the best option to get ready to ace the TOEFL. His methodology, commitment, expertise, and resources make him the best teacher ever! HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Ximena Gallegos
Ximena Gallegos
August 17, 2020
I prepared here, obtained a score of 105 points. Very good methodology and success is guaranteed. I am doing a master in Australia right now. Oscar Toro
Oscar Toro
August 17, 2020
An excellent teacher and an excellent person. Thank you Mr. Steven. Andrés René Rodríguez Vizcarra
Andrés René Rodríguez Vizcarra
August 17, 2020
Mister Stephen is an excellent teacher; He knows very well what you need to learn and practice in order to pass the exam with a high score. I scored 99 points with only 3 months of preparation. Edgar Michel Marín Ballón
Edgar Michel Marín Ballón
August 17, 2020
Definitely the best professor. He prepared me to pass my exam, and I achieved success. He is an outstanding person. He teaches his students to give their best effort to obtain their goals. Extremely recommended!!!!!!!!!!! Evelyn Vargas Aliaga
Evelyn Vargas Aliaga
August 17, 2020
Teacher Stephen is simply the best I have learned a lot not only for university also for a career. The methodology he uses is very modern, Mister Stephen is native speaker, this helps a lot in many aspects as he can correct your pronunciation and improve your accent. He is the only one in Arequipa who knows about this test! I am sure that all the knowledge I have learned will help me a lot for this future goals I have and with my studies here in Austria! Shantall Salazar Bustinza
Shantall Salazar Bustinza
August 17, 2020
Definitely Mr Stephen, gives you the necessary tools to get a successful score on the TOEFL exam. He is a demanding and excellent teacher! I recommend him 100% Elicenny Sánchez
Elicenny Sánchez
August 17, 2020
Highly recommended. Teacher Steven is an outstanding professional. He provides the best teaching method to pass the toefl test. Rafaela Miranda
Rafaela Miranda
August 17, 2020
This program is highly recommended, because it takes you to the level you want. Diego Rivas
Diego Rivas
August 17, 2020
Mister Stephen is the best teacher; He knows exactly what you need to learn and practice in order to pass the exam with a good score. He gives you all the material you need to learn and practice at home. He makes classes very entertaining and dynamic and cares about your learning. I recommend him and the course 100%. Johanna Zuñiga Salas
Johanna Zuñiga Salas
August 17, 2020

Area of Expertise!

I have spent years teaching students how to wirte “universty” level academic essays.  This is exactly why Universities use the TOEFL IBT to evaluate your English; they want to be sure you can write publishable research papers and essays.

This skill is particularly important for the Independent Essay.  Catching the readers attention and writing with flare can only increase the readability of your essays.

No one has spent more time perfecting their craft than I.  I believe to teach grammar, one must master grammar.  I will teach you grammar topics that will help you understand what you are reading, and truly identify the meaning of a writing.

It is not enough to merely understand academic vocabulary.  You must also have an intermediate level of understanding and using idiomatic expressions.

Is there a secret to reading better?  Only practice comes to mind.  However, is there a secret to doing well on the reading section of the TOEFL?  There definitely is.  It is called skimming and scanning.

I will not only hone these skills but also teach you how to identify “trick” answer choices.

It is never about how many notes you can take, but rather, it is about what you take notes on.  

Paraphrasing does not mean changing a word or two of the original text.  It is so much more!

I have students in Holland, Italy, France, Germany, Australia, the US

Many people have an uninformed concept of the importance of the TOEFL IBT. I have heard many people say that the TOEFL IBT is for only students wishing to go to the US or Canada. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, more than 90% of all Masters Programs offered World-Wide are taught in English. Why? Well, this is because Universities are in a very competitive battle to be known as “Internationally Diversified” Universities. Every University in the world is trying to “recruit” the best of the best students.

Our students are now Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Architects living all over the world

The students that generally take the TOEFL are looking to study a Masters program in another country. They generally do so because of the educational and professional opportunities that are available in foreign countries.

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